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Paper #1

This is a reminder that PAPER #1 is due at 9am on Monday, September 21. (I originally had the wrong date up on the assignment.) I will explain the paper prompts and give you writing tips (which will appear on the “Writing” page of our site) over the coming class meetings. Remember, you may attend my office hours on Mondays if you’d like me to discuss ideas or look at drafts.


You have found the website for Literature of 9/11. Our course website is under construction, but should be up and running within a week! In the meantime, first drafts of the syllabus and schedule are available from the menu. Thanks!

Students: Please note the minor change in the required books. The list on the syllabus page here is correct and the bookstore has been notified of the change.

Also note that I recommend joining dropbox or another online backup website. This will make sure that you never lose an important paper or other file! You can join dropbox for free here.